Waterford Adventist School


Getting hands-on technology meaningfully embedded into the classroom is just one of the goals of our robotics program here at Waterford Adventist School. This powerful program inspires interest and participation in science and technology and engages students in grades 5 through 8 in playful and meaningful learning. Using icon based software and familiar LEGO building materials, students learn to master technology and teamwork skills by building and programming robots to perform a variety of tasks. Through the yearly challenge, students are completely immersed in a technological adventure that spans the entire curriculum including math, science, social studies, reading and English. It also helps them master a host of skills that are often difficult to authentically and effectively develop in the classroom including gracious professionalism, teamwork, hands-on technology training, creative problem solving and logic, design, engineering, project based learning, communication, research, and flexible thinking.

Our challenge this year is entitled "Nature's Fury."
You can read all about it by following this link: