Waterford Adventist School



Former Waterford Adventist School and Pontiac Junior Academy students please e-mail us at waterfordsda@sbcglobal.net to update your address, new happenings, etc.  We would like to hear from you.

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chuck banks
2012-03-22 8:51 PM

wondering if there are some old pictures from when I attended Pontiac Junior Academy (1957-1964)
  Do you have an alumni weekend?

Frances Robinson
2012-06-07 3:22 PM

Thanks for posting, Chuck.  Right now we do not have a regular alumni weekend, but we think it is a great idea.  We will take an even more careful look for old photos, but so far, no luck. Please email me at the email listed above with your contact information and I will try to keep you up-to-date.

Emiy Hudson
2012-03-29 7:06 PM

I graduated June of 2000. I spent 9 years at this school. It was the best nine years ever. Mr. and Mrs. Clayburn were the best teachers. They cared about the students. It was a wonderful experience attending W.A.S

Frances Robinson
2012-06-07 3:23 PM

What a wonderful tribute to your teachers!  Thank you so much for posting.